van der Westhuizen

Jos van der Westhuizen

Entrepreneur and Deep Learning Researcher

About Jos

Jos was awarded a Skye Cambridge Trust Scholarship to complete a PhD in Engineering at Cambridge University. His research is in Deep Learning with a specific focus on the application of sequential machine learning techniques to medical time series. Prior to Cambridge, he worked towards a MEng Biomedical at the Biomedical Engineering Research Group of Stellenbosch University, specialising in cognitive neuroscience. He also holds a BEng Mechatronic degree from Stellenbosch University.

He is an ambitious entrepreneur and spends his time working in and leading small, focused teams to bring about innovations that shape our world. These startups include CLARA, Alchera, and Off The Grid.

Some Projects Jos has Worked On

Pneudrive Challenge 2014: MOVIPAL

The team led by Jos won the 2014 Pneudrive Challenge with their product the MOVIPAL. The MOVIPAL provides an environmentally friendly solution to the warehousing industry by combing gantry style palletising and a forklift into an automated machine. The team also developed a proof of concept.

Off The Grid Solar Panel Installation

Off The Grid, co-founded by Jos, was contracted to install energy efficient solutions at QuiverTree in Stellenbosch, South Africa. One part of the project was a 40 kW solar panel installation with 2 SMA inverters and an online interface to record electrical output.


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